Transport Management System(TMS) SOFTWARE - BILTY/ GR

(For Brokers, Booking Party & Fleet Owners)

(Transport software For Brokers)

(Transport software For Booking Party)

(Transport software For Fleet Owners)

(Transport software For Agents)

(Off Line Desktop Application / On Line Web Application)



Salient Features are:

Bilty Software is user friendly and very easy to operate.

Daily Software Backup on E-Mail.

Bilty/ GR/ LR Entry :

Bilty Book (Booking Register)Reports

- Consignor Wise Report.

- Consignee Wise Report.

- Truck No Wise Report.

- Station Wise Report.

- Paid,To Pay,To be Billed Wise Report.

- Bilty Bill not prepare Report.

Higher Challan Entry :

Higher Challan Reports

- Lorry Challan Balance Amount Truck No Wise

- Lorry Challan Balance Amount AGENT Name Wise

- Date Wise POD Report

- Date Wise POD Not received Report

- Truck Owner Details

- Truck Driver Details

Invoice/ Bill Entry

Invoice/ Bill Reports

- GST Billing Report

- Party wise Billing Report

- Party wise Bill Receiving Report

- Out Standing Report Party Wise/All Party

Accounts Entry

Accounts Reports

- Day Book Reports

- Day Book Reports Party Wise / All Parties

- Party wise Out Standing Report

The user could take backup of the database.

Integrated backup of data Daily Basis.

On Line Support through Internet / E-Mail/ Telephone.